War Photographer James Nachtwey shows his life’s work

Accepting his 2007 TED Prize, James Nachtwey talks about his decades as a photojournalist and (anti)war photographer. He shares and explains a slide show of pictures covering a variety of armed conflicts and social issues throughout the globe.

„I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.“ (James Nachtwey)

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Mark Brecke – „Google Tech Talks“ Video on Darfur/Sudan

a tense SLA rebel stands guard following a Sudanese army ambush in north Darfur,

Mark Brecke is an independent filmmaker and documentary photographer.

Covering ten years and three continents (Asia, Africa, and Europe), his work documents the stories of people victimized by war, ethnic conflict, and genocide.

The focus of Mark’s recent work is on the crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan. From October to late

December of last year (2004), he visited the and traveled for five weeks in Darfur with the SLA (Sudanese Liberation Army).

In this Google Tech Talkpresents his photos, shares his remarkable stories, and gives us some insight into the complex situation of the Darfur crisis (shocking Images!).


Black Metal ist Krieg

I recently found two lists of funny Black Metal pictures, including this guy with the open fly.

Abbath with an Open Fly

Also funny:

There is also an interesting VBS documentary about Gorgoroth, a black metal band from Bergen, Norway.

>> watch on Youtube

Juli 16, 2008, 7:22 pm
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In der wöchentlichen Spam-Zeitung habe ich heute eine Werbeanzeige eines mehr oder weniger bekannten Billigwaren-Discounters gefunden, die einen Standmixer mit mit einer neuen einzigartigen Technologie anpreist: DER ANTIHAFT-RUTSCH-FUß!!! Super!